Lighthouse Initiative for Texas Classrooms

Where To Now

The Mathematics Lighthouse Initiative is meant to provide you with some guidance as you navigate past the rocky shoals of beginning an effective and inclusive Pre-AP* mathematics program. It is by no means meant to provide you with a specific curriculum or complete set of activities for a Pre-AP class. We hope that what you have read on this Web site will cause you to examine your current practice, give you some new ideas, and inspire you to seek further information.

Now you are left to head out into the open seas where exciting adventures, turbulent waters, and untold riches await you. We hope that you are not making this voyage alone. The best Pre-AP mathematics programs are built by teachers working together in vertical teams. We hope that you also will utilize the experiences of others who have made this voyage before you. Many of these earlier voyagers have left behind maps and other guidance in the form of curriculum documents, publications, problem sets, etc. Ultimately, your voyage will be unique, of course, tailored to the particular needs of your district, your students, and your teaching style.

You can connect with other voyagers by attending conferences (particularly those sponsored by the College Board), summer institutes, and other training opportunities.

Good luck on your journey. We hope the winds of change will fill your sails and bring you and your students to new and interesting ports of call.

The world is round and the place that may seem like the end may also be only the beginning.
–Ivy Baker Priest