In 2001, the Texas Education Agency brought together a group of experienced and highly respected English/Language Arts and Reading teachers to develop a guide for educators in grades six through twelve that would facilitate an understanding of the alignment between the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) and the Advanced Placement Program* (AP)* curriculum. Their work became the first Lighthouse guide—The Advanced Placement Program* and the TEKS: A Lighthouse Initiative for Texas Language Arts Classrooms.

This exceptional group of authoring teachers chose the lighthouse metaphor to guide their efforts, explaining that the TEKS provided a firm foundation for teaching a challenging framework of Pre-AP* and AP strategies. The guide was intended to serve as a beacon lighting the way for teachers in the integration of TEKS and AP teaching and learning goals.

The publication of the English/Language Arts Lighthouse guide led to the development of similar guides for mathematics, science, and social studies by committees of experienced educators in their respective fields. (These are all available free of charge to Texas educators through the TEA Lighthouse Initiative website at Each new guide built upon the work begun by that original group of inspired English/Language Arts and Reading teachers and included new technology, tools, and techniques. With this in mind, the Texas Education Agency sponsored a second look at the English/Language Arts guide and is pleased to present this new and updated version. Our hope is that the Lighthouse Initiative for Texas English/Language Arts Classrooms can be used to prepare more students for advanced level work in English through teaching the TEKS.

Advanced Academics Unit
Division of Curriculum
Texas Education Agency

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